Making Disciples Inside & Outside of Detention





Marcus rediscovered his faith in juvy. He has left his gang-affiliated ways and mindset and has committed his life to the ways of Jesus. While he still faces many temptations to go back to his old ways, he is persevering in his faith and we are blessed to be a part of his life.

*name altered



Denise started a mentoring relationship with one of our female chaplains. She also started a relationship with Jesus in juvy, and has grown in her faith outside of detention. She has a steady job and is excited about her future. She has stated, “You all help turn my life around.” 

*name altered



James met Chaplain Jon in the detention center at the age of 13, and continued to be in touch with Jon when he was sent to other facilities. God renewed his faith before being released and he is continuing to mature and grow. As we walk with James (now almost 18) in his life journey, we are confident that God will continue to grow him into the man God is calling him to be.

*name altered



From Youth


“I always talk to people about God.”

“I tell guys to pray… I’ve become known as the ‘holy kid.’”

“In here, it’s hard to keep faith. But I keep gaining more and more faith.”

“What you guys do is life-changing work.”

“I keep getting closer and closer to God and keep getting blessed.”

“Now I realize who God is.”

“I pray that God helps me see the positives of this situation and not just the negatives and that I see God’s plan for my better well being.”

“I’m growing into being a son of God.”

“Can we read more Bible stories next time?”


“God is there for me. I’m putting all my faith in Him.”

- Youth Quote


From Parents


“Thank you so much for talking to my son.”

“My son mentions you a lot. Thank you for supporting him.”

"Thank you for all you've done for my son. He talks about you a lot and really appreciates you."


God took me out of depression and filled me with joy and warmth.

- Youth Quote


From Juvy Staff


“I like when you guys do church. The youth talk about it after.”

“I appreciate how you work with our youth.”

“The youth seem more calm after you talk with them.”


“I really think God is answering my prayers because I am changing.”

- Youth Quote